What is a Virtual Assistannt?

A Virtual Assistant (or VA) assists small to medium-size business owners & individuals with professional and administrative assistance either on-site or remotely. A VA partners with a client who needs specialized business support on a regular, as-needed or project basis. Modes of communication and data delivery are email, fax, Internet, phone, mail, or even face-to-face. (Learn More)


How We Can Save You Money

Because The Alliances is an independent contractor, not an employee, you save money by paying only for time worked—no down time or wasted hours.  You avoid costly payroll and unemployment taxes and eliminate expensive sick leave, vacation time, and benefit packages.  Also, your overhead costs are reduced because we provide our own office space and equipment. Additionally, we free up your valuable time by managing those administrative tasks necessary for a successful business.

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Meet Sylvia

Sylvia MesarosSylvia Mesaros is a Virtual Assistant whose 30 year career includes experience with the corporate world, non-profit organizations, and other small business entrepreneurs. As an administrative assistant, bookkeeper, business manager, and small business owner, Sylvia’s knowledge and expertise will transition your business from chaos to calm.   

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